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It’s not the thing you fling, it’s the fling itself

One of the first pieces of advice I recall being given, upon starting a new role with broad expectations and few resources, was, “Don’t try to boil the ocean.” It is the standout piece of bad advice that I have ever received. I can work within constraints, I just don’t do well in the absence of creativity. Continue reading

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Five Design Considerations for Every Program

Common Sense Design Basics I’m currently interested in how to design a Customer Engagement Platform across sales, services and marketing outlets. We’ll build upon several existing projects and work streams to give a better understanding of our value to a customer on a global level, as depicted in this highly simplified view.   It’s a converged, account-based view, forming … Continue reading

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I like to see how things fit together

I like to consider how things fit together.  (Spatially) Separate No More refers to a geographical theory from the 1960’s called Spatial Separatism.   I like to call it the “Isolated Theory,” because it was “possible to identify, separate and evaluate the spatial as an independent phenomenon or a property of events examined through spatial analysis.” (Sack, 1974)  Geographers posited … Continue reading