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I like to see how things fit together

I like to consider how things fit together.  (Spatially) Separate No More refers to a geographical theory from the 1960’s called Spatial Separatism.   I like to call it the “Isolated Theory,” because it was “possible to identify, separate and evaluate the spatial as an independent phenomenon or a property of events examined through spatial analysis.” (Sack, 1974)  Geographers posited that there was merit in trying to understand a phenomenon in its own right without understanding any of the wider social structure within which it operated or that which brings influence upon it.  It’s a super tempting idea, and one that I think drives much of our behaviors at work.  But it ignores all the sticky tissue between silos that makes things happen.

I studied politics, sociology and law and today I work in the arena Customer Engagement for EMC, industry leader in all things Cloud Computing and Big Data.  I find the urge to connect things always interesting and endlessly relevant.  As a student, I constantly sought out patterns to construct new perspectives on well-covered topics. I may not always have been right, but my data and research argued that I was no more wrong than the perceived wisdoms.  Thanks to a lot of patience and great teaching (Prof. J.J. Lee) I learned to search for common patterns in history, policy and data that satisfied my urge to show that everything could be connected and to help make my case.  I’ve been looking for patterns and trying to fit things together ever since.  It satisfies my sense that I’ve got something creative to bring.

Through marketing and Customer Engagement, I’m able to meet interesting characters from all around the world in different industries and with different backgrounds.  Because I love technology, it’s just great to be able to apply gut instinct and raw data to Cloud Computing and Big Data in Silicon Valley.

At EMC we talk about the intersection of the Cloud and Big Data as a Space that interrelates the spatial patterns of the Business and IT and is in fact the ultimate expression of their confluence:  the place where IT investment directly yields higher revenue.  (My colleagues in EMC Sales and Consulting will gladly guide you there.)

I am drawn to things that seek or scream connection, influence and relevance.  Whether it’s technology, or government policy, business processes or social events, media, cultural or sporting.  I’m going to try and explore some patterns here.  And I’m always going to try and and prove that they’re connected.

One other thing about that blog title:  I spent most of the summer of 1996 trying out my spatially separate thesis  on my college friends and suffered them stuffing peanuts in my beer every time I mentioned it. Happy Days.

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