Delight your Customers with an Authentic Customer Business Model
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Delight your Customers with an Authentic Customer Business Model

Build an authentic customer business model that works What is Customer Authenticity? How good do you think your customer’s experience really is?  In a ‘complex’ sales process there are many different stakeholders, constituencies and offerings and ways to engage.  Bill Schmarzo reminds me that customers are not buying your product, they are buying a means … Continue reading

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I like to see how things fit together

I like to consider how things fit together.  (Spatially) Separate No More refers to a geographical theory from the 1960’s called Spatial Separatism.   I like to call it the “Isolated Theory,” because it was “possible to identify, separate and evaluate the spatial as an independent phenomenon or a property of events examined through spatial analysis.” (Sack, 1974)  Geographers posited … Continue reading