The Designer’s Mindset – The Force Mechanism of Change
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The Designer’s Mindset – The Force Mechanism of Change

The psychology of how we pivot and the mechanics of how we do so. Horses for courses It seemed like an interesting insight into the equestrian world rather than a life lesson, when Tim Beecher explained to me how racehorses take a jump. It was the very start of my career and the famed Irish horseman … Continue reading

Delight your Customers with an Authentic Customer Business Model
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Delight your Customers with an Authentic Customer Business Model

Build an authentic customer business model that works What is Customer Authenticity? How good do you think your customer’s experience really is?  In a ‘complex’ sales process there are many different stakeholders, constituencies and offerings and ways to engage.  Bill Schmarzo reminds me that customers are not buying your product, they are buying a means … Continue reading

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It’s not the thing you fling, it’s the fling itself

One of the first pieces of advice I recall being given, upon starting a new role with broad expectations and few resources, was, “Don’t try to boil the ocean.” It is the standout piece of bad advice that I have ever received. I can work within constraints, I just don’t do well in the absence of creativity. Continue reading

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Five Design Considerations for Every Program

Common Sense Design Basics I’m currently interested in how to design a Customer Engagement Platform across sales, services and marketing outlets. We’ll build upon several existing projects and work streams to give a better understanding of our value to a customer on a global level, as depicted in this highly simplified view.   It’s a converged, account-based view, forming … Continue reading